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We're not afraid to take on pharmaceutical companies

If you've been harmed through the use of a product, even if that product is a drug prescribed for your health, call the legal team at Coleman Law Firm. We'll represent your interests against large companies who may wish to sweep your case under the rug. Trust Coleman Law Firm in Jackson, MS - we're never intimidated.

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The legal system in general and civil cases in particular can be difficult to understand. In our four years serving the folks of Jackson, MS, we've gained valuable experience in and knowledge of civil court, allowing us to offer more complete legal services today. Call us for a free consultation. We'll walk you through all the legal aspects of your case.

Helping you understand your rights

If you're looking for an honest and talented legal team to handle your product liability case, look no further than Coleman Law Firm. Attorney Nick Coleman has been a respected member of the Mississippi Bar Association since 2010, gaining valuable drug law experience in that time.  

Well trained and experienced legal team

From legal advice and counseling to courtroom trials, we work hard for you in all aspects of your product liability case.

We've been representing the victims of faulty products since 2010.